Municipality of Felgueiras selects Green Bee full underground containers

Since the beginning of 2019, the municipality of Felgueiras has been carrying out several public works for urban requalification, which include the installation of full underground containers for solid urban waste collection. The projects include several recycling banks with containers for selective and undifferentiated waste, with the municipality opting for Lasso's Green Bee full underground containers.

Green Bee containers replace the old surface containers collection system previously used in Felgueiras. The municipality favored Lasso’s full underground containers as one of the measures of it´s urban requalification plan, given its numerous advantages, both aesthetic and functional. With their large waste storage capacity (between 3 m³ and 5m³), they keep the public space clean and require less travel for collection, which significantly reduces the costs of the operation, presenting a more sustainable and less polluting alternative.

“Felgueiras is yet another municipality among so many others that, throughout the country, are replacing surface containers with full underground Lasso containers that, with their modern design, have functional characteristics that translate into greater sustainability in urban waste management. The works are underway, about 52 Green Bee full underground containers will be installed in Felgueiras in the first phase ”, points out Maria João Ferreira, Lasso’s commercial director for the Portuguese market.