New Green Bee containers in Matosinhos

In the municipality of Matosinhos, there is an ongoing investment in Lasso full underground containers to replace the old waste collection equipment in the municipality. The selected model is the Green Bee which, with a modern aesthetic and large storage capacity, offers the ideal solution for the urban landscape while contributing to the reduction of operating costs.

The Green Bee has an additional feature that makes this equipment even more suitable in the case of this municipality, which has a vast area located by the sea. In fact, the Green Bee frame is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, a material with an excellent anti-corrosion behavior, which is of particular importance for containers located on the seafront, as is the case of all those installed on the marginal avenue of Leça da Palmeira, for example.

After the first Green Bee recycling bank installed in 2019 on Avenida da República (the main city avenue) two new recycling banks were installed in Leça da Palmeira in January 2020. Last June the second phase of this project started, with the installation of 14 more recycling banks in various locations in the municipality, in a total of 57 more full underground Green Bee containers.

“Since our foundation, the municipality of Matosinhos has trusted our equipment and our sustainable and economical solutions for waste collection. In view of the good results over the years, the municipality is now moving towards the modern Green Bee container, which is perfectly adaptable to the surrounding space and to the needs of residents, namely in terms of the offer of places for selective collection ”, explains Pedro Martins da Costa, Lasso’s CEO.