Lasso minimizes environmental impact

Lasso Eco Innovation is a brand with a strong commitment to the environment. And its mission is not limited to the fact of manufacturing and marketing products that contribute to reducing environmental pollution and consolidating the sustainability policy of the municipalities.

Indeed, since the beginning of its activity, in 1992, it has been a fundamental concern of Lasso to minimize the impact of its activity on the environment, which has led the company to adopt practices aimed at optimizing the consumption of natural resources and preventing environmental pollution. For this reason, the company pursues a strategy based on principles of quality and environmental preservation, adopting a company culture that is experienced daily by all its employees.

The environmental policy implemented by Lasso Eco Innovation is based on a set of fundamental principles, including the certification of its Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in accordance with the normative references ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, subject to a constant review of efficiency and effectiveness, as well as compliance with statutory requirements of environmental legislation, applicable general legislation and good business practices relevant to the company's activity. The awareness of employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners about the importance of preserving the environment is also part of these principles, as well as the entire reorganization of processes with a view to the rational use of raw materials and natural resources, and the reuse and recycling of waste arising from the activity.

On this last point, it is important to point out that, in terms of energy consumption, Lasso recorded in the last year an 8% reduction of the network energy consumption under its activity function. This reduction was possible given the increased use of renewable energies by the company, namely photovoltaic energy, which gives the company an energy autonomy rate of around 32% (through the photovoltaic panels installed by the company in 2017).

This year, Lasso will further reinforce the use of renewable energies, through an additional investment with the aim of doubling the photovoltaic production capacity.

Furthermore, the company has increased its fleet of electric vehicles, which also contributes to a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and, consequently, to minimize the ecological footprint of Lasso and its products. Currently, it can be said that more than 70% of the energy consumed by its activity comes from renewable energies.

Regarding the consumption of natural resources and the use of plastic, Lasso has dedicated part of its investment in R&D to the development of products that include the use of recycled and recyclable materials in their production. This is the case of containers with “Wood Imitation” finishing, a coating made from 100% recycled plastic material, or new big and small lids, made with recyclable plastic.

“We have always been committed to the preservation of natural resources and sustainability and, with our environmental policy and the development of products that respect the environment, we are moving towards our “zero carbon” objective and contributing to the development of a circular and sustainable economy”, says Pedro Martins da Costa, Lasso Eco Innovation’s CEO.